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Some ideas

2016-06-10 22:15:09 by Hulalaoo

I want to do my first aniamtion in 4 years,but i  am really out of ideas, some accion stuff maybe, some ideas ?2594970_146561128922_asfd.png

Part of the draw

2016-05-05 16:24:04 by Hulalaoo


a draw

2016-05-03 13:32:52 by Hulalaoo

Doing bit a bit something for pico day2594970_146229674883_ds.png


2016-05-02 19:49:04 by Hulalaoo

sup guys, what sup ?


newgrounds is dead

2012-07-08 21:13:39 by Hulalaoo

This site is now full of pure parodies or gaymes, nothing funny or new, just the same formula alway, the quality is every day worst,the community is terrible and retarded, since the update it is even worse, i am really out of this page, R.I.P NEWGROUNDS

Dat Japanese Animation !

2012-07-03 11:19:36 by Hulalaoo

Make remember me why i stop of watch cartoons

God exist !

2012-06-23 19:01:05 by Hulalaoo

See ??!! stupid Atheist or any other religion different to MY GOD !

Learning AS3

2012-06-10 20:51:57 by Hulalaoo

This thing of the AS3 is really funny

So, you play Diablo 3 ?

2012-05-19 17:10:33 by Hulalaoo

Me too

I made a new animation

2012-05-12 01:04:49 by Hulalaoo

I made it on base of the "Life" of a guy

click here

I made a new animation